Our Story

Our Story

Our Story – Why Nourish Lane

Hi there,

I’m Jo and together with my husband Scott are the owners of Nourish Lane. We are often asked why we would want to own a health food store. The answer to that is a bit of a story.

It all started when we decided we wanted to have a baby together. Like most women ready to start a family I hoped everything would just go to plan but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. It definitely wasn’t the dream scenario I had wished for.

I had been on the pill for a number of years and when I stopped taking it I discovered my period was non existent. Miraculously I fell pregnant without a period. I was surprised but also a little wary as to how I was pregnant without a period.

My worst fears were confirmed at my first scan. There was no heartbeat. Experiencing this devastating news after being so excited at falling pregnant was one of the hardest times of my life. To make matters worse I didn’t miscarry naturally so I was required to have a d&c.

After taking some time to grieve and recover from our loss I decided I wanted to give my body the best possible chance of a successful pregnancy. After all, how could I expect to fall pregnant without a regular consistent period. I decided I wanted to find a natural way to regulate my cycle and balance my hormones. That’s when I discovered Naturopathy.

I met with a Naturopath and it opened my eyes to the world of natural medicine. She looked at our diets and lifestyle (for any excess toxins or stress) and had my blood tested for imbalances. With that information she created a personalised herbal blend and eating plan for me to help balance my hormones and get my cycle back on track.

Before we knew it I was pregnant again! The joy was always surrounded with a little fear if I’m honest. Unfortunately, my worst fears were realised once again and I miscarried for a second time. After another d&c I was starting to doubt if I was ever going to be a mum.

As I was in my 30’s and desperately wanting to experience motherhood I decided to look into IVF in conjunction with the natural health journey I was on.

By this stage my cycle was starting to become regular and my hormone levels were looking good. I was taking personalised liquid herbs, having regular acupuncture (for stress and fertility) and continuing on with a specific diet plan my Naturopath had recommended for me. However I still wasn’t falling pregnant.

We consulted with an IVF specialist a number of times and decided to proceed. I was as ready as I would ever be however the thought of injecting myself was something I definitely wasn’t looking forward to (my hat goes off to any woman that has gone through that – you are amazing!). To begin the process we just had to wait for my period to come. I waited and waited however my period didn’t come this time……

It turns out I was already pregnant naturally!

We were overjoyed and obviously a little anxious with our past experiences. This time however, it was meant to be. Everything I had done to this point had paid off and we were blessed to welcome our gorgeous little girl into the world (albeit 4 weeks early!).

Fast forward two years and we were extremely fortunate to welcome our cheeky little man into the world.

I am convinced the help and guidance from my Naturopath at the time played a huge role in me being able to become a mum. Going through this journey has helped us understand just how amazing our bodies are. It also opened our eyes to the importance of nutrition (food & supplementation) as well as other factors such as excess toxins and stress in our overall health.

Our experiences have given us a passion for natural health and an eagerness to help others on their own personal health journeys.

We get that it can be difficult juggling work, family life and other commitments while keeping yourself and your family happy & thriving. That’s why we made it our goal here at Nourish Lane to help you live the life you want. Call in at any time to speak to one of our Naturopaths or Nutritionist for assistance with your own health goals.

Wishing you happiness and good health!

Jo xx