The What, Why & Who of Liquid Herbs

The What, Why & Who of Liquid Herbs

Naturopaths talk a lot about herbs and herbal medicine but very few people know what a liquid herbal is. Most people are familiar with herbal medicine in tablet form, but a liquid herbal can only be prescribed by a naturopath.

A liquid herbal is a concentrated form of the herb, increasing the potency by more than what is available in a tablet form. The plant is placed in a solvent, usually ethanol, to extract the constituents which are targeting the condition. For example, echinacea root is placed in ethanol to extract the alkylamides and phenolic acids which, when taken as a liquid herb, act on the immune system to enhance the immune response. This is why echinacea is so well known for preventing colds and flu, it has an affinity for the immune system.

Every herb has an affinity for a bodily system, Chaste tree can modulate hormones to regulate the female reproductive system. St Mary’s thistle restores and nourishes the cells of the liver and supports the liver’s ability to detox. Passionflower has an affinity for the nervous system, grounding the heart, calming the mind, and supporting sleep when sleep eludes you because of mental chatter. Uva-ursi targets the renal system, reducing the frequency and severity of urinary tract infections. Then there are herbs such as Withania and Siberian ginseng, which are powerful tonics to improve general wellbeing, supporting you through stress and fatigue. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, feeling fatigued during the day, your periods are drawn out and painful, you get monthly UTIs, and you’ve been drinking a bit too much lately to cope with everything, a blend of the above herbs could address all those things in one bottle.

This is the beauty of herbal medicine, every herb has an action and an indication, and when blended by a naturopath, a formula can be made that is perfectly tailored to you and your needs. There are endless herbs for endless conditions. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to liquid herbals, which is why it’s important to come into the store and talk to one of our qualified naturopaths. The naturopath will take into consideration any current medications, allergies, pregnancy, or concerns before prescribing (to avoid any negative interactions!). Every prescription is tweaked to target multiple systems addressing many health concerns specifically for you.

Once that perfect formula has been created for you, it’s poured into an amber bottle to be taken as prescribed, generally twice daily. This is an old, traditional form of medicine predating conventional pharmaceuticals. Herbal medicine addresses the body as a whole, with the understanding that everything is connected. When we’re out in one system, it is always connected to at least one other system. Herbal medicine was the first medicine, in tune with our bodies because our bodies are in tune with nature. Being out of tune is the first cause of disease.

If you’re feeling out of tune and herbal medicine resonates with you, come in and speak to one of our qualified naturopaths and try a liquid herbal that’s perfect for you.

Written by: Roxy Lewis